Other hosted blogs and wiki systems


  • Tumblr: A free service that is both very simple and highly customizable, and designed for easy updating by email or phone. See their FAQ for more info.
    • No storage limits? 
  • Posterous. Like Tumblr.
  • Blogger (from Google): Free service for creating blogs at blogspot.com, or at your own domain name but using the Blogger back end. Although it's less popular than WordPress, the features are arguably better.
    • It's not clear how much total storage you get. For uploaded pictures, your Blogger storage space is shared with your Picasa Web Albums space, and you get 1GB free for both services (see Google's explanation of this).
    • Per Google, you can have an unlimited number of pages and blogs, but each page is capped at 1MB. It's hard to believe that there would be no storage cap on your Blogger account as a whole.
    • You can associate a free Blogger site with your own domain for $10/year.
    • As of 2011, new features include:
      • More control over layout by using a template designer or editing your CSS
      • Easier monetization with AdSense and Amazon Associates
  • WordPress.com: The most-popular blogging service. You get 3GB for free, but WordPress has the right to display Google text ads on your blog. For separate fees, you can:
      • Add more storage ($20/year for 10GB; $50/year for 25GB; $90/year for 50GB; etc.)
        • Use your own domain instead of [yourblog].wordpress.com ($13/year, depending on whether WordPress is your registrar)3
        • Use custom CSS ($30/year)
          • Get rid of the ads ($30/year)
            • For private blogs: add more than 35 users ($30/year)
          • Typepad (from Six Apart): hosted blogging from the makers of Movable Type. You don't hear much about Typepad these days.
            • Pricing for TypePad Pro starts at $9/month for 4 blogs, unlimited storage, but limited control.
          • Drupal in the cloud
            • Drupal Gardens — a consumer cloud-hosting service from Acquia Drupal and based on Drupal 7. Free tier available in addition to inexpensive plans.
            • Pantheon — a cloud-hosting service aimed at developers with a free tier or expensive ones (starting at $100 month), but nothing in between.
          • Wix: hosted websites, with fairly inexpensive premium options (around $10/month for non-branded site).


          Plausible free or low-cost options

          Apart from Google Sites—the best free wiki, covered in a separate page on this site—options include:
          • Springnote.com: Hybrid wiki/notebook app, with 2GB free storage.
          • Evernote.com: Notebook application that allows you to share notebooks (read-only) with others. For $5/month, you can enable collaboration.
          • Zoho wiki: You can get 1 wiki, with 50 total MB of storage, for free. Prices go up rapidly. I love Zoho, but this offering seems stingy.
          • PBWiki (used to be Schtuff?): Pricing and features are hard to figure out, but there seem to be three free options: one for teachers and one for individuals. They keep business pricing secret.
          • Wikia.com (used to be Wikicities): Ad-supported free sites. You used to need approval to create a site; now (2011) I don't think you do.
          • Wetpaintcentral.com: Ads on free sites are intrusive; it's $20/month to remove ads!
          • Wikidot.com: Polish site that started in 2006. Free accounts can set up 5 wikis of 300MB each. Other plans are available.
          • Centraldesktop.com: 5 users, 1GB storage free.

          Implausible options

          • Teamwikis.com (used to be Projectforums) Hosting is expensive (starting at $25/month for 1GB on a single site). Also has various versions of software, including a free one, that are not built on LAMP but are self-contained.
          • Wikispaces.com: Ad-supported free sites are available with 500MB storage (10MB maximum size per uploaded file).
          • Socialtext.com: Pricing starts at $5k per year. Obviously not for individuals.
          • Editme.com: $19/month for 500 pages/1GB max. Prices go up quickly.

          Other information and reviews

          • The Wikimatrix.org site has a comprehensive list of wikis and an engine for comparing them.