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Using Drupal as a wiki

[draft; outdated!] 

Issues and approaches

[To be added. The Using Drupal book has an entire chapter on this.]

Resources and links

  • Drupal group (active since 2006) dedicated to developing wiki-like features in Drupal
    • Discussion thread from this group about Mediawiki syntax v. WYSIWYG editors
      • One user comments that FCKeditor uses <b> instead of <strong>. You might be able to create a custom style in FCKeditor for the <strong> tag.
        • My guess about how to do that: add this code to the fckconfig.js file:
          FCKConfig.CustomStyles = 
          'strong' : {Element : 'strong' }
  • A search on Drupal.org for "wiki"
  • 2009-January (last update): Outline at the University of Wichita's CRATEL (Center for Research in Arts, Technology, Education, and Learning) about creating a Drupal 6 wiki (archived on Webcitation.org).
  • 2008-December: Post at OpenConcept about setting up a Drupal 6 wiki (archived on Webcitation.org)
  • 2008-June: EdTechDev's blog post about using Drupal 5 as a wiki
  • 2007-December: Blog post from Cwgordon7 (an active Drupal user) about how to create a wiki with Drupal (archived on Webcitation.org). Cwgordon7 responded to comments for about a year; posts have continued through early 2009 but are no longer answered.
  • 2007-April: Thread on Drupal.org about example sites using Drupal as a wiki
  • 2006-May: D'Arcy Norman's blog post about using Drupal's book module instead of a wiki for some documentation