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[draft; outdated!] 

Base themes, Drupal 6

  • Bluemarine: Table-based multi-column theme with a marine and ash color scheme.
  • Chameleon: Minimalist tabled theme with light colors.
  • Garland (default): Tableless, recolorable, multi-column, fluid-width theme (default).
  • Marvin: Boxy tabled theme in all grays.
  • Minnelli: Tableless, recolorable, multi-column, fixed-width theme.
  • Pushbutton: Tabled, multi-column theme in blue and orange tones.
Note: Only Garland and Minnelli are tableless.  The other themes use tables for layout, which is a no-no.

To change a theme as an end-user (i.e., without changing the site default theme), log in and go to "Home -> My Account -> Edit" and pick a new theme.

Extra free themes in Acquia Drupal

  • Acquia Marina: "Acquia's Marina theme is ideal for blogs and community sites. Includes advanced theme settings and 15 flexible content regions for a variety of layouts." 
  • Acquia Slate: "Acquia's Slate theme is ideal for corporate and business sites. Includes advanced theme settings and 12 flexible content regions for a variety of layouts."
Both of these are from TopNotchThemes, which sells various custom themes for around $300 apiece for a single-site license. (You can "buy out" a theme for around $3 grand, which both allows you to use it as much as you want, and takes the theme off the market.)

Other themes to consider

I looked for themes that are actively developed, use CSS, are fairly minimalist, and are designed to be customized. Note: Zen and Simply Modern require the ThemeSettings API Module to be installed.
  • Zen: This seems to be the new preferred minimalist starter theme.
  • Blueprint: Based on the the Blueprint CSS framework
  • Layout Studio: A base starter theme that tries to improve on Zen, from northStudio.com (a design firm from British Columbia).
  • Simply Modern: "[A] table-less, CSS driven design sporting an advanced feature set."
  • Basic: A stripped-down version of Zen, from Raincity Studios.
  • Clean: Another simple starter theme.
  • Framework: A very simple, 960px fixed-width starter theme.
  • Nixer: "Nixer is a fast, lightweight yet professional CSS-only theme for Drupal." 
  • id-Facta: "This is a minimal and very clean theme, including a lot of white space, for those who love clean and minimal designs. It is very lightweight and fast loading."  From iTemplater, which sells commercial themes for about $40.
  • Genesis: a starter theme.
    • Sub-theme: Genesis LITE. Not really supported, and apparently hard to work with.
  • Info8: Tableless, fixed-with theme ported from Info8, a CSS template from Inf Design.
  • Marinelli: Table-less 3-column, top-tabbed design that claims to be very accessible. Includes 3 sub-themes.
  • [Wabi: A nice-looking theme that—as of April 2009—hasn't been worked on since April 2008.]
  • [Scribbish: Sadly, not available for Drupal 6.  This is a very simple theme that I experimented with, and customized somewhat, in my first Drupal 5 test installation. It was developed outside of Drupal, for Typo, Mephisto, and Wordpress; see the real Scribbish page.]

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