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Drafts page – purpose

posted Apr 13, 2009, 5:54 PM by Brian Hagerty   [ updated Apr 13, 2009, 6:14 PM ]
[No real content will ever be posted on this page.]

Google Sites does not (as of April 2009) have an option to save drafts of general site pages—if you write a page, you must post it. But Google Sites does let you save drafts of announcements (i.e., blog posts). So you can use an announcements page as a way to work on drafts of pages.

On this site, pages will begin as draft announcements.  When I am ready to publish a page, I will create the intended page and copy the content of the draft announcement to that page.

Steegle more-or-less suggested this workaround in Google's help forum. One user made a feature request in March 2008 for the capability to mark pages as drafts in March 2008.

(Note: Google Sites does autosave drafts of pages, so if you abandon a page without saving your work, you will have created a kind of draft page. But the page will show up in your site map even if you didn't save the content, and to get your work back, you have to trust that the autosave worked. I don't have that kind of trust.)